Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Things

Probie To Practitioner wrote today about having been in a funk and how she writes lists of things to be happy about. Go read it  and see what you think. I commented with a few things I'm happy about, and before I knew it, I had a list of my own. So here's a list of my own.

1. When your dog crawls up beside you on the couch and curls herself up as close to you as she can and falls asleep with her head resting on your leg.
2. The smell of a meatloaf baking in the oven on a cold day.
3. The look on my wife’s face when she walks in after a hard day at work and smells the above meatloaf's aroma in the air and thanks me for being such a good “house husband.”
4. Getting into bed that's been freshly-made with clean sheets.
5. Christmas lights all over the neighborhood.
6. Coffee, and the ritual of making it… grinding sumatra beans, measuring and pouring water, the fragrance permeating the kitchen while you peer through frosty windows at the first glimpses of sun peeking above the horizon.
7. The satisfaction of changing the oil in your car, knowing that you did for $12.99 what Jiffy Lube charges $40 for.
8. Having a conversation with a friend where you both feel as though you TRULY understand each other.
9. Your own "personal" hidden stash of the angiocaths you like... so it's no big deal when your ambulance has been re-stocked with those God-forsaken harpoons with the spring-loaded push-button thing.
10. A dual-zone heated mattress pad, so the wife who's always cold can turn her side up to twenty while the husband who's always hot can turn it on to one just long enough to take the chill out of the sheets.
11. A dog who sleeps late.
12. Being at the age where I genuinely enjoy my parents' company and look at them as friends, rather than parents trying to cramp my style.
13. Having hit the in-law jackpot. My wife's parents are pretty awesome.
14. Having a brother, sister, and father who are all Paramedics, so if I have a question or need advice, I always have someone to talk to, no matter how trivial the problem may seem.
15. Puppy kisses. Can you tell I like my dogs?
16. Getting assigned to a rig that has both arm rests AND cup holders!
17. Oatmeal.
18. Your favorite song on the radio, and the thoughts of your friend, of whom this song always makes you think.
19. Sitting on the radiator. Even better, putting your towel on the radiator while you shower.
20. Waking up this morning. In our line of work, we see a lot of people who DIDN'T wake up... every time I do, I consider it a win.

Thanks for the inspiration, P2P.


  1. I really enjoy these!!

    Meatloaf and potatoes (mashed or baked) are absolutely amazing.

    Cup-holders are such an overlooked of our ambulances has cup-holders. The other two don't. That moment when you realize you don't have a place to put your ice coffee is terrible.

    Towel on the radiator...SUCH a good idea!

  2. MK,
    I'm glad you liked them! You have hit on something great. It's important, especially so in this line of work, to occasionally reflect on the happy things in the midst of all of the strife and pain we witness. You will see more of these posts in the future. I thank you for the great idea.